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Notes $65.00 IN-002 Hands on AppleTalk $14.95 QS-002 Sather: Understanding the Apple II $14.95 QS-003 Sather: Understanding the Apple IIe $14.Ninety five TB-012 LaBadie: Build Your personal Laser Printer $16.95 ------------------------------ Historical Magazines.
Super Apple II" as a killer machine that Apple management dared not release for worry it might dampen gross sales of their favorite youngster, the Macintosh. However it appears that the Mark Twain prototype was on no account meant for such a role. Rather, it was designed to be a powerful but inexpensive client product, a natural successor to the Apple II, II Plus, IIe, IIc and IIGS and its goal would have been Pc clones and the training market. With a tough drive containing AppleWorks GS and HyperCard GS, it could be sold as a home or college computer that was not only simple to arrange -- truly plug-and-play -- but additionally simple to make use of. Yet it would provide all the ability most individuals need in a home computer. Despite the utterly new motherboard, we really feel this machine offers essentially no technical advance beyond that of a ROM 3 Apple IIGS, aside from having a constructed-in arduous drive, 3.5" drive, SCSI port and twice the reminiscence.
With regards to connectivity options, this Okidata machine affords a few them.
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