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Intimacy. To some, it feels more intimate than other types of sex.

And more is affected than simply government business (which should be the peoples business, after all, but such does not obtain in الجزائر al-Ĝazaīr). A state cannot conduct its business in an unlimited number of dialects; but when a quarter of the population no longer has the ability to communicate with the state in its own tongue, and thus a large portion can no longer communicate with the state at all, the reality is no longer one of pragmatism but of a deliberate denial of civil rights.

One would have expected politicians to abhor this colonial legacy and seek to defend their constitution. That the FIS would have established a theocracy, not a democracy, is the one point I will concede to the military. Within two years it will not be permitted in universities.
This is welcome; though it was reported during the debate that the average age of consent in Europe is fifteen years (I would have to see this confirmed, to be sure; it seems unlikely).
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